A collection of reports to and resolutions from the 25th ICC Congress held in Spring 2023, providing assessments of past analyses and activities and orientations for the coming period.
A text covering the evolution of the economic crisis, inter-imperialist tensions, the class struggle and perspectives for all three, adopted by the ICC's 25th Congress.
A report to the 25th ICC Congress examining the deepening world economic crisis, its underlying causes and perspectives.
The ICC is holding an open meeting, without a specific theme, where participants can propose discussions about any aspect of revolutionary politics.
The ICC has recently held its 25th International Congress, where it adopted a number of reports on the world situation. We begin with the report on inter-imperialist tensions. An article providing a general assessment of the work of the Congress will also be published.
As the crisis hits workers' living conditions, the ruling class uses its own divisions to spread confusion
Important parts of the ruling class recognise begin to recognise the gravity of the world situation, but they have no coherent explanation and no solution
We reprint below a detailed analysis of the scourge of inflation and its underlying causes which first appeared in the press of the forerunners of the ICC 50 years ago, together with a new introduction.
Jacques Camatte is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of the so-called “communisation” current. In developing a marxist critique of the profound errors of this current, we think that it will be useful to provide an account of Camatte’s political wandering from orthodox Bordigism to the total rejection of the “theory of the proletariat” and a theorisation of escape from the class struggle. In our view, while few of the “communisers” have followed Camatte to his ultimate conclusions, in many ways the path he took reveals the real dynamic of the whole tendency.
All over the world we see workers taking up the struggle... and again today references to May '68 are appearing in the demonstrations. But this time it will be necessary to GO FURTHER THAN IN 1968!