The strength of the proletariat lies in its ability to learn from a struggle of over three centuries of historical experience. Ten years on, what lessons can we draw from the Indignados movement? 
A selection of articles, analyses, leaflets and statements on the unfolding inter-imperialist war following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
ICC presentation In continuity with the discussion documents published after the ICC’s 23rd Congress, we are publishing a further contributions by a comrade expressing divergences with the Resolution on the International Situation from the ICC’s 24th Congress.
1pm, UK time, Saturday 7 May, (face-to-face but with online connection)...
Stop the War Coalition (STWC), with Jeremy Corbyn as one of its most prominent supporters, presents itself as a movement aiming for peace and to end the war in Ukraine. But reality is far removed from its narrative.
Behind its hypocritical denunciation of Russian atrocities, the British ruling class is pursuing its own imperialist agenda in Ukraine
The mass exodus of Ukrainian refugees is a terrible tragedy – and the ruling class does not hesitate to exploit in the interests of war propaganda.
The different forms of Trotskyism, in the name of “revolutionary marxism”, once again tell us to choose our camp in the imperialist war in Ukraine.
We publish here two contributions from close sympathisers about the war in Ukraine. The first is an account of the two public meetings held in English in March; the second a statement of support for the ICC's response to the war. Our article on all the public meetings we have held so far can be found here.
I agree with the content of the ICC’s leaflet denouncing the war and with the articles ‘Ukraine: the worsening of military tensions in Eastern Europe’ and ‘The ruling class demands sacrifices on the altar of war’.