The strikes in Britain signify a real break from the years of retreat which began in the 1980s
Storm damage from 150mph winds in Florida In the first half of 2022, as in so many of the previous years, the planet was plagued by numerous wildfires, catastrophic flooding, tropical storms and unprecedented heat waves. The increase of temperature has considerably exacerbated the risk of extreme weather disasters. The scale of destruction it implies is terrifying: it reveals the acceleration of the decomposition of capitalism.
A brief statement on the need for working class independence faced with the elections in Brazil
In July, the ICC received a contribution that gives an appreciation of the online meeting on the war in Ukraine and the responsibilities of revolutionaries of 2 July 2022. We wholeheartedly welcome this contribution which gives a very good picture one of the most important disagreements that were raised during this meeting
Statement by the Internationalist Voice group about the widespread protests over the police murder of a young woman in Iran for breaking the regime's "hijab rules". 
The war in Ukraine has produced major divisions in a group which, in the past, has defended internationalist positions.
The death of the Queen has given rise to a relentless ideological campaign aimed at shoring up the present system and hiding its class divisions
Presentation to two online meetings about the war in the Ukraine and the resulting social situation, held in the English language early in September 2022.
All the reporters and commentators are referring to the current strikes as the biggest working class action in Britain for decades; only the huge strikes of 1979 produced a bigger and more widespread movement. Action on this scale in a country as large as Britain is not only significant locally, it is an event of international importance, a message to the exploited of every country. This international leaflet in pdf form is available here. We encourage our readers to print out copies and distribute them wherever possible. 
We publish here a response from an ICC sympathiser in Belgium to the correspondence among groups of the communist left regarding the joint statement on the Ukraine war signed by several groups.