Workers in Greece take their place in the international revival of class struggle, expressing their anger at the recent rail disaster which left 57 dead. 
A series of articles explaining that the campaign to defend the NHS is a campaign to defend the capitalist state, not the working class.
From Britain to France, Spain, Portugal and Holland and many other countries, workers’ struggles are multiplying, responding to the effects of inflation, the intensification of the war economy and frontal attacks by the bourgeoisie on living and working conditions. What is the significance of these struggles? What is their potential? How is the ruling class dealing with them? How can the working class take the struggle forward? Come and discuss all these questions at a public meeting organised by the ICC: Saturday 1 April, 3-6pm
A new leaflet which we are distributing in a number of countries, aimed at answering the key questions facing the current wave of workers' struggles
It's not just French workers who are "disgruntled" with the state of this system.
We publish here a statement by some comrades in Turkey on the earthquake which has hit Turkey and Syria. We salute the comrades’ rapid response to these awful events, in which the official death toll has already passed 21,000 and is likely to climb much higher, including those who survived the initial quake but now face hunger, cold and disease. As the statement shows, this “natural” disaster has been made far more deadly by the callous demands of capitalist profit and competition, which has obliged people to live in totally inadequate, flimsy housing.  The particularly catastrophic effects...
The problems facing the UK economy in part express weaknesses that go back over a century. Add to that the impact of the world economic crisis and it becomes clear that the ruling class has no bright future to offer us.
On February 1st around half a million workers from different sectors in Britain were on strike – rail and some bus networks, civil servants, and in particular workers in education, both schools and universities. This was the biggest number of workers out on one day since the strike wave in Britain began last summer.
Leaflet given out by the ICC at the recent massive demonstrations in France
The struggle of the working class is the only road leading away from the descent into barbarism