During our French-language online public meeting in November 2021 on "the aggravation of the decomposition of capitalism, its dangers for humanity and the responsibility of the proletariat", several participants questioned the validity of the concept of the decomposition of capitalism, developed and defended by the ICC. Through this article, we wish to continue the debate by elaborating on our answers to the objections expressed during this meeting.
Raya Dunayevska with Charles Denby (part of the News and Letters group) and Etehl Dunbar, who contributed to Denby's book Indignant Heart. There are extracts from the book on libcom Testimony of a black worker - Charles Denby (libcom.org) In this article we look at how the vestiges of the pre-World War 2 proletarian political movement were unable to see the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s as an obstacle to the development of the class struggle.  
The Anarchist Communist Group emerged from a split with the Anarchist Federation in 2017, largely because the AF was becoming increasingly dominated by identity politics. But as we aim to show in this article, the ACG’s criticism of identity politics is itself inadequate and thus tends to plunge them right back into the whole quagmire.
The following article, often drawing on research into books and documentation that are only available in the German language, chronicles the history of the struggle against organizational opportunism in the German SPD in two parts. The first part, published here, covers the period from 1872 to 1890, from the Gotha to the Erfurt programmes; the second part, to be published subsequently, will deal with the ensuing period to 1914.
The WHO estimates that the death toll from the pandemic could already stand at 10 to 15 million These figures, hardly imaginable a year ago, are nevertheless the sad reality of today. In order to hide the responsibility of the capitalist mode of production, all the national bourgeoisies put the blame on the populations themselves, especially in the West: the unvaccinated for clogging up the intensive care units, or the “rich countries” for hogging the vaccines, so that only 2% of the population of poorer countries has been fully vaccinated so far.
Russian military build-up on the Ukraine border The current military stand-off around the Ukrainian border is the expression of growing conflicts between predatory imperialist powers in the context of capitalist decomposition, with its growing tendency of every man for himself. The working class, whether in Russia or Ukraine  Europe or the US, has no interest in supporting either side and can only defend its international class interests against all capitalist states.
We reply to a reader who asks how revolutionaries can support workers in their defensive struggles without supporting reformism
Metal workers' assembly in Cadiz The recent strike of metal workers in Cadiz, Spain, is another sign of the renewal of working class militancy around the world. This statement is part of an ongoing intervention towards the movement by our comrades in Spain. For more on the strike visit our Spanish language pages
This report, adopted by the ICC’s international central organ, is written within the framework of the resolution on the international situation adopted by the 24th ICC Congress
We are publishing a statement on the rising cost of living in Turkey by some comrades who sympathise with the positions of the communist left. Although the nature of the street protests last November does not appear very clearly in the text, the comrades are clearly in favour of a proletarian response to the crisis –denouncing parliamentarism, bourgeois parties and unions, rejection of all national “solutions” and insistence on the necessity for class struggle across all divisions and borders.