We publish below an extract from a letter sent by one of our readers, Robert, after an online meeting he attended, followed by our reply.
An article showing that the current revival of workers’ militancy has spread to other European countries.
Far from being the “big winner” in the Covid crisis, the weaknesses of the Chinese model of state capitalism are being laid bare. 
Blank sheets of paper symbolise the demand for "free speech" and other democratic illusions An article looking at a very real danger facing the workers of China.
The extended wave of strikes that has been underway in Britain since early in Summer 2022, shows a real break, a whole change in attitude within working class. After thirty years where workers’ struggles have been very limited, setting records for militant inactivity, these strikes show that, in the face of the depths of capitalism’s economic crisis, workers are no longer prepared to be pushed around. These struggles are significant, not just in Britain, but internationally.
On Friday 2 December, the first meeting in France of the 'No War But The Class War' committee took place in Paris. In this article, we explain our criticisms of this project.
For once, we thank the “International Group of the Communist Left” (IGCL) for giving us the opportunity to remind ourselves of what it really is. To this end, we reproduce below (in full, including footnotes) their little article that is supposed to point out our impasse and contradictions on the issue of parasitism, if the title is to be believed. And for the benefit of our readers, we respond to it right after.
In Britain since June the cry has echoed from strike to strike: "Enough is enough!" This massive movement, dubbed the "Summer of Anger", has become the Autumn of Anger, and then the Winter of Anger. The wave of strikes in the UK is a symbol of workers' combativity that is developing all over the world...
The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for almost a year, demonstrates the total irrationality of world capitalism.