The choice of which party or president takes the reins of government is a false choice that cannot turn capitalist civilisation away from the path towards catastrophe. This applies to the coming US elections as much as to any other electoral circus. 
Forty years ago, in the summer of 1980, the working class in Poland made the whole world tremble. A massive strike movement was spreading across the country: several hundred thousand workers launched wildcat strikes in the different towns; it shook the ruling class in Poland and those in other countries.
August 8th and subsequent weekends saw thousands of UK health workers protest against poor pay and the failure to protect them against Covid-19. Similar anger has been displayed by proletarians in cities around the world...
Fire ravages Moria camp, already unfit for human habitation The humanitarian speeches of the ruling class can't hide the real inhumanity of their policy towards the growing mass of refugees.
The huge exploision in Beirut The catastrophe in Beirut shows the criminal negligence not just of the ruling class in Lebanon, but of an entire social order.
The development of the situation in the Middle East between 1990 and 2010 has shown vividly that the imperialist confrontations, the militarism and barbarism, which are essential characteristics of the period of the decadence of capitalism, have not only intensified but, above all, in the phase of the widespread decomposition of capitalist society, their irrational and chaotic nature has become more and more evident.
Draped in nationalist flags The working class has nothing to gain by taking in part in mobilisations in favour of bourgeois elections
Idlib, Syria, 2020 This text does not aim to develop a history of recent conflicts in the Middle East but to show how the understanding of the decadence and decomposition of capitalism is an essential framework for understanding the explosion of contradictions which plunge this region of the world today into warlike bestiality and chaos. This barbarism has a history, and it reflects the rotting of the system.
The discussion texts we are publishing here are the product of an internal debate within the ICC regarding the significance and direction of the historical phase in the life of decadent capitalism which was definitively opened up by the collapse of the Russian imperialist bloc in 1989: the phase of decomposition, the terminal phase of capitalist decadence.  
The laws of capitalist competition prevent states and enterprises from engaging in effective cooperation to find a vaccine against Covid-19