A leaflet given out to workers involved in the current struggles in France
An invitation to come and discuss the struggles of the working class in Britain and world-wide. Please note change of venue!
For the last three years, we have been witnessing a simultaneity and an aggravation of the different crises and catastrophes which are accelerating the decay of capitalist society: war, economic crisis, ecological crisis, pandemic... This has reached the point where the threat of the annihilation of the human species has become more serious and concrete than ever.
Anton Pannekoek, 1909 This article written by Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960), published in 1909 is a resounding refutation of the allegations – inspired by the lies of Stalinism, which has been fraudulently defined as communism – that marxism has no concern for nature and the ecological question; that – like the capitalist system it claims to be fighting – it is marked by the same “productivism” which is so destructive of nature. The exact opposite is true!
The claims of the USA to be the standard bearer of peace and a rule-based world order are nothing but lies to hide its real imperialist designs.
Because of the number of sectors affected, the combativity of the workers involved in the struggle and the widespread support for action among the working population, the wave of strikes which has spread throughout Britain this summer is an event of undeniable importance on the domestic level. But we also need to understand that the historical significance of these struggles goes far beyond their local dimension or even their one-off occurrence.
Capitalism is more and more being strangled by a whole series of contradictions inherent in its way of existing, which are now inter-acting and mutually reinforcing each other, threatening society at unheard of levels of scale and frequency.
The strikes in Britain signify a real break from the years of retreat which began in the 1980s
Storm damage from 150mph winds in Florida In the first half of 2022, as in so many of the previous years, the planet was plagued by numerous wildfires, catastrophic flooding, tropical storms and unprecedented heat waves. The increase of temperature has considerably exacerbated the risk of extreme weather disasters. The scale of destruction it implies is terrifying: it reveals the acceleration of the decomposition of capitalism.
A brief statement on the need for working class independence faced with the elections in Brazil