Against the idea that China will emerge as a “winner” from the pandemic crisis, we insist that the Chinese bourgeoisie cannot escape the pressure of the economic crisis and the decomposition of capitalism.
The rapid spread of the Omicron variant is giving the lie to the claim of the politicians that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, and starkly revealing their inability to respond to the disease in a globally unified manner. 
This article aims to give a general overview of the work of the ICC's 24th International Congress in its efforts to understand the present world situation and its historical context.
The politicians and the media denounce the people-smuggling gangs, but only to cover their own responsibility for the growing number of migrants forced into desperate and dangerous journeys. 
Thousands of migrants trapped at the Polish border, abandoned to their fate in wet and frozen forests, without food or water. Belarus uses them as pawns in its conflict with the EU, while the German Minister of the Interior praises the “very important service” Poland is carrying out for Europe – in other words, by ruthlessly pushing back the refugees, Poland is doing the dirty work of the other EU states.
The ICC has published an article on the recent signs of a renewed fighting spirit in the working class in a number of countries: Struggles in the United States, in Iran, in Italy, in Korea... Neither the pandemic nor the economic crisis have broken the combativity of the proletariat! The struggles in the US are particularly important, and this contribution from a close sympathizer there aims to examine them in more detail.
Second of two articles analysing the fact that USA’s rise to world dominance also coincides with the course of a world system in decline. The Biden administration has now been in power for 8 months and the difficulties of the American bourgeoisie in reversing the effects of decomposition on all levels have clearly been confirmed…
We republish here an article from the ICC’s publication in Belgium, Internationalisme, (no. 188, 1993) which traces the general framework of the history of the Parti Communiste Belge. We will return in later articles in more detail to the different phases of its existence: the struggle for the foundation of the PCB after the betrayal of social democracy, the struggle against the growing opportunism within it and its definitive passage into the bourgeois camp at the beginning of the Second World War.
In the past few weeks we have seen a fragile but real worldwide awakening of workers’ militancy and self-confidence, centred on the USA. In October the strike movement mobilised thousands of workers throughout the US, with the majority of experienced and “protected” workers fighting alongside their young colleagues who work in much more precarious conditions.
Under Biden the USA’s warlike approach towards China has continued and intensified. The explicit goal of the pact between the US, Australia and Britain, AUKUS, is to block the expansion of China in the region. But this circumstantial and ephemeral military alliance only further destabilises the world imperialist situation.