An exchange of correspondence between the groups of the communist left regarding the need for a joint statement against the imperialist war in Ukraine.
The responsibility for increasing heatwaves and wildfires, and the phenomenon of global warming that lies behind them, lies with the mode of production that rules the planet.  
An analysis of the situation of the world working class faced with the war in Ukraine and the acceleration of capitalist decomposition.
In the wake of the Ukraine war, a new text updating our analysis of the growth of militarism in the final phase of capitalist decadence.
Britain’s proximity to the USA’s policy on the Ukraine war has brought some short-term gains but also threatens bigger problems in the future.
No one will have been surprised that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally announced his resignation. But the essential problem for the British bourgeoisie is not Johnson, but the fact that the Conservative Party has been increasingly eaten away by populism
We analyse the significance of the recent development of workers' militancy in Britain
In the ideological campaigns to justify the slaughter in Ukraine, the “western democracies” are equipped with the most subtle and insidious weapons of propaganda.
Maternity and children's hospital in Mariopol, Ukraine. While the horrors inflicted by Russian imperialism are difficult to hide, the USA and Ukraine have played an active role in unleashing and perpetuating the massacre An update of our analysis of the “progress” of the war in Ukraine towards further barbarism and destruction