Despite their radical rhetoric, the trade unions are an obstacle to real workers' unity
June 2021: striking oil workers at a refinery The wave of protests in Iran expresses a widespread discontent against the Islamic regime, but the working class in Iran faces the danger of being "drowned" in a popular movement dominated by bourgeois slogans
The "refugee problem" is a product of the global disintegration of capitalism, and the ruling class has no solution to it. 
We publish a reply to Divergences with the Resolution on the International Situation of the 24th ICC congress (explanation of a minority position, by Ferdinand), expressing the position of the ICC
An exchange relating to the significance of the current wave of workers’ struggles in Britain and their connection to the period of the Covid pandemic
The reader’s contribution published here is about the global tendencies and tensions underlying a recent, unprecedented event in the history of British politics: the resignation of Truss after only 44 days and after several tumultuous weeks, making her the shortest-serving prime minister in the history of the United Kingdom.
A reader who recently took part in an online public meeting of the ICC has raised questions about our position on the trade unions, the Russian revolution and other vital questions. Here we publish part of the correspondence dealing with the question of the trade unions.
We publish here an article by the Internationalist Voice group, which argues forcefully against the attempts of the international bourgeoisie to steer the mounting anger of the population in Iran towards the illusion of an “emancipation of women” inside the confines of capitalist society. 
The “Tory crisis” is really an expression of a much deeper political crisis within the ruling class as a whole, of a decomposing system in which the bourgeoisie everywhere is increasingly losing control over its own political life.
The myth of the “peaceful” Nordic countries is being exposed, and NATO will profit from this, through a strengthening of its northern flank, which extends the encirclement of Russia.