Imperialist war gives birth to endless lies and false slogans, and the present war in the Middle East is no exception 
We are publishing a letter from a reader and our reply. We cannot deal with all the points raised by this very detailed text here, and we do not consider our reply brings an end to the debate. Quite the opposite, we encourage all our readers to use this initial response to continue the discussion, either with more letters or in our public meetings and open meetings.
  We look at the reality behind America's use of the atomic bomb at the end of World War Two.
The Bordigist group Il Partito Comunista has written about its intervention in workers' strikes in Portland, Oregon, which in our view shows the group's opportunism on the trade union question. 
A reply to the ICT's reports of their recent public meetings in France, which make some serious allegations against the intervention of the ICC at these meetings
In this totally irrational conflict the state of Israel and Hamas, at different times and with different means, have followed policies that have led to today's massacres. In the end, this will not benefit either of the two belligerents, but will spread destruction and barbarism even further.
"Horror", "massacres", "terrorism", "terror", "war crimes", "humanitarian catastrophe", "genocide"... the words splashed across the front pages of the international press speak volumes about the scale of the barbarity in Gaza.
Following the death of our comrade, we want to remember his militant contribution as an inspiration for new generations that will be confronted with the traps he had to overcome and will be looking for the answers he found and that motivated his life.
The earthquake that struck Morocco on September 8, and the spectacular floods that followed the bursting of two dams in Libya shortly afterwards, once again confront us with the daily horror and murderous madness of capitalism.
The Internationalist Communist tendency has recently published an article which whitewashes Bakunin’s intrigues against the International Workingmen’s Association. This is our response.