An examination of the political life of the class enemy.
When workers are looking for revolutionary clarity they will come across currents masquerading as 'communist' that are actually driven by the needs of capital.
In Britain, as in France, the EU and soon in the USA, the electoral circus is again in full swing. We will be publishing various articles analysing the implications of these and other elections as expressions of the bourgeoise’s growing loss of control over its political machinery. But first we want to reaffirm the basic class position developed in particular by the Communist Left since capitalism entered its epoch of decline in the early years of the 20th century: that contrary to the propaganda of the ruling class, neither elections nor parliament can prevent the headlong rush of this...
A report on trials, tribulations and some small gains from an international gathering aimed at opposing imperialist war.  
The refusal to work together with other groups of the Communist Left defending the historic principles of this current in favour of collaboration with the forces of the "marsh" (the confused zone between proletarian positions and those of the left of the bourgeoisie) has a name: opportunism. 
Although the majority of those taking part in the demonstrations against Israel's assault on Gaza are motivated by real feelings of indignation, they are caught in the trap of nationalism, and thus support for imperialist war. 
With this issue, the ICC has now published four hundred editions of World Revolution. The first issue came out in May 1974, so the publication has been going for fifty years.
In Haiti, as well as in an increasing number of other countries in Latin America, the decomposition of this system takes the form of the merger between the state and criminal gangs. 
The wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, the terrorist attacks in Russia, uncertainty about the US presidential elections are all signs of the growing destabilisation of the capitalist world system
With the growing conflict between Guyana and Venezuela, and the recent storming of Mexico's embassy by Ecuadorian police in Quito, it's clear that national and imperialist rivalries are spreading in South America as well as other regions of the world