The open conflict between Israel and Iran marks a further extension of imperialist war in the Middle East. Come to this meeting to discuss the internationalist response. 2-5pm, UK time, Saturday 4 May
International Review 172 - Spring 2024 CONTENTS 1) Introduction on the dangers of opportunism
We examine the Anarchist Communist Group's growing concessions to the campaigns in favour of Palestinian nationalism
A first balance sheet of our appeals to the Communist Left to make a joint statement on the current imperialist conflicts.
The Communist Left is the only real heir to the marxist tradition of struggle against imperialist war.
1) General introduction on the dangers of opportunism
Why marxists reject all versions of the “Green New Deal”, from the mainstream to its most left wing variants
The Moscow slaughter by Islamic State terrorists once again reveals the chaotic nature of today’s multiple imperialist conflicts
Workers are not only faced with vicious economic attacks from the government, they also have to deal with traps set to divert their discontent.
In Britain, the group Lotta Comunista hides behind the “Internationalist Workers Club”, which runs food banks in London. It may at first sight look like an internationalist organisation from the tradition of the Communist left. This article argues that appearances can be deceptive.